Saturday, January 3, 2015

Equipment List

I thought I would provide a post detailing some of the equipment we are taking with us on our trip. I hope this information is useful and if you have any questions feel free to comment at the bottom of the page.

GPS Device

The GPS device we will be using on this trip is the Garmin Montana 600. 

This device is compatible with the Garmin Basecamp application which can be downloaded from the Garmin website. We will be using basecamp along with the maps provided by GT Rider/Ride Asia to plan the trails/routes that we will be covering on our trip.

Crash Helmet

We will both be taking our own crash helmets with us as the reputation of Thai provided helmets is questionable. We both have the Arai Tour-X3.


Although you will normally find people riding around Asia in flip flops or bare feet, over the years I've become found of my ankles and have decided to take protection with us. The boots we will be wearing are Sidi Adventure Boots.

Body Armour

Checking the weather report for Thailand, at the moment shows it's going to be around 33 degrees so with this in mind leathers aren't a realistic option. The body armour I'll be wearing is the Alpinestars Bionic Tech Protection Jacket with a motorcross jersey over the top to avoid the Robocop look.


The gloves I'll be wearing will be Aplinestars SMX-2


Life on the road can be a lonely place, and although I'm sure Neil's patience for my constant singing and whistling will be tested. We will be staying in touch with the use of the Cardo Scala Rider Q3 set.  

We have tested these devices with the standard speakers provided as part of the set, these fit into the lining of the crash helmet. They are comfortable but sometimes quite, I'm sure if you had an aftermarket exhaust fitted this would prove to be an issue. With the standard equipment these are adequate for basic rider to rider communication.

Video Recording

We will be recording videos from our trip with the use of Go Pro cameras. Even know the Hero 4 has just been released we will be using Hero 3. The additional frame rate/quality did not seem to justify the additional expense of the later models at the moment.

I have also ordered the remote control unit as we previously found out on another trip to Wales, starting and stoping the recording when the camera is head mounted can be troublesome. Have a look at my previous blog post for more details about this trip.


As a photographer, one of the hardest parts of this trip for me was deciding what photography equipment to take. I'm still struggling to decide on a final list but the main deciding factor will be the weight of my pack and what I can realistically carry on the back of a bike for a few months. 


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