Monday, January 26, 2015

Mai Sariang

Mai Sariang

Leaving Mae Hong Son on our way back to Chiang Mai, we rode what I think are the best driving roads I have even been on/seen (including on television). There are no less than 1,864 corners, beautiful sweeping bends with not a straight line in sight with stunning views all around.

We stopped off at a 7/11 for a quick drink and to get some petrol. Outside was what seemed to be the happiest dog in Thailand. Pining for attention and with a tail that didn't stop wagging. We might have given him an Oreo cookie and some water but he was eager to please.

We hit the road again to continue on our journey, the amazing roads continued.

We planned a night at Mai Sariang. On arrival we had a bit of a mix up as they were expecting us to stay for two nights. The girl behind the counter simply handed me a piece of paper with our names on and "22/23 = 2000B" followed by "I do not speak English". We dumped our bags in our rooms and had a quick shower.

We took a walk down the road to the bridge over the river. As we have been out mainly during the day on the bikes taking pictures I wanted to get at least one with the light changing. 

A local family had also decided to pay a visit to the bridge, bringing some food for the fish along with them. We later found out that fishing in this part of the river is prohibited which explains why there was such an abundance of fish around.

The evening light was reflecting nicely on the a local temple.

I've been trying to get my hair cut for the last week. Numerous barbers simply wouldn't cut it. They would look at me and simply give a shake of the head and carry on their business. I'm sure if we were in Bangkok or a popular tourist island it wouldn't have been a problem, but around these parts it was proving to be quite a challenge.

Walking back from the bridge, I ask this man (the surgeon looking type), he surprisingly said yes so I took a seat and waited while he finished his other customers hair. Then I was in the seat.....

Try explaining to your dog how you would like your hair cut because thats as much use as I was trying to explain. My Thai is relatively non existent and the barber couldn't speak a word of English (there we go assuming everyone should know how to speak English). In the end it was done and looked ok from the front, the back is a different matter. I can't see it so who cares.

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  1. Enjoyed the read and the pics ... sweet dog, beautiful scenery, crazy roads and a dodgy hairdo, what more could you ask?!