Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pai to Mae Hong Son

So we've had our time in Pai, we stayed for 4 days before heading on to Mae Hong Son. While at Pai as well as the Huey Helicopter trip we had a few days out around the town. 

Whilst out riding through some of the local villages we stopped for some petrol at a local shop, it definitely wasn't Shell. The petrol is pumped by hand by the shop owner.

We stopped along the river to take some quick pictures before heading along the trail. This is when we came across some buffalo that were wallowing in the forest where the rain water had settled.  

The next morning I woke up at 6am to get out and get some pictures at dawn. The sun rises behind the mountains in Pai which gave me the chance to grab the below photos. The local villages already had fires going and the you can see the smoke filling the air.

On our penultimate day we had decided to check trip advisor and see what local attractions were around the area and have a bit of a tourist day out. These included Thom's Pai Elephant Camp, Pai Memorial Bridge, Pai Piranha Fishing Park and Pai River.

Heading back to Pai, I finally took some picture of the river and bridge that we'd been crossing everyday.

The next morning we headed out to Mae Hong Son, 100km of mountain roads with tight curves and sweeping bends. Some say a bikers paradise.

We stopped at a lookout to soak up the views and grab a cup of coffee.

Stopping on route for a break watching the world (mainly) ride by.

On the tripadvisor list of attractions for Mae Hong Son was the "Fish Cave". This cave which is actually pretty small has been built into quite a big attraction which schools and tour buses frequenting the car park.

This is the entrance to the fish cave.

This is the small hole of water which is linked to the main river, I'm guessing the fish congregate here due to the fact there are so many tourists feeding them lettuce?!? and fish food at this point so they have learnt this is a food source for them.

There were also people lighting candles and praying just out side the cave.

Even the monks were paying a visit (while checking Facebook).

We had arrived in Mae Hong Son, and talk a walk about town and down to the lake. This is the centre of the town and is home to the Wat Hua Wiang Temple.


  1. Cracking photos again Neil! PS Make sure you don't mislay my daughter in Bangkok!