Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trail Riding From Mae Hong Son

 Trail Riding From Mae Hong Son

We had originally planed a bigger loop than the one we followed but due to the trail coming to a dead end we had to turn round half way and head back.

The GPX file for this 120km ride can be downloaded here.

We left Mae Hong Son and rode out of town. The first part of the track as you head off the road was a mixture of paved/unpaved, this lead to some dirt trails. We rode through a lot of farm land and paddy fields.

The trail follows and crosses the Cha river numerous times which was a nice refreshing break as the temperature seemed to be continuously rising. 

After an hour of two we hit the road again. Heading West and then cutting south we started the second part of the trail. Again we rode through farm lands and through the river, some points crossing that was very nearly at the limit with what the bike would be comfortable with. Put it this way I had water in my boots.

We followed the trail, compared the to the previous riding that day this seemed untouched. There were no double tracks where cars or trucks had been down there.

The trail seem to be closing in on us and after a few km it felt like not one had been there for a long time. The trail started to run out forcing us to ride down the riverbed which seemed to the the only option until it simply turned to forest. We was at a dead end with no where to go.

There were drops offs that came out of no where, it could of been quite easy to pickup an injury or damage the bike. We had a chat amongst ourself and decided that the sensible option would be to head back to the road and then Mae Hong Son.

We took some video footage on the way back which can be seen below.

We're currently sitting in the airport t Bangkok waiting for a flight to Cambodia where we will be joining 8 people with The Big Adventure Co for a two week trip..... Keep an eye out for updates from the trip.


  1. Really enjoying my trip through Thailand via your camera lens! Have a fun, interesting, SAFE trip to Cambodia ... looking forward to your posts :)

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