Friday, February 6, 2015

Cambodia - Day 2 - Tumble In the Jungle

Day 2

We had breakfast and left Snuol at 7:30, heading along the road for about 15 minutes we filled the bikes with petrol before heading off road towards Chumni stopping at a local village along the way. Village life seems so simple for the rural Cambodians, they still have animals wandering around buffalo, pigs, chickens and lots of dogs.

We left the village and headed off, I went first to grab a few shots of the guys on their way.

As I was now behind, I decided to try and pick up the pace, I caught the group and passed a couple of riders at the back. Brimming with confidence, happily riding along I hit a bit of soft ground and lost control. You could say a tumble in the jungle and the good news was I had it on GoPro for your entertainment.

The bike and I was fine, the peg was bent along with the gear selector but Chea kindly fixed this with the use of one of the rocks that had just been introduce to my leg. Once we hit the road again we stopped for a drink and came across two German cyclists that have been on the road for 11 months travelling all the way through Iran and China. We offered them a drink and had a quick chat. How anyone can be on the road for that long I don't know let alone on a push bike.

On route back we headed to Bousra waterfall traveling through Asia you see quite a few of these and only a few are worth the visit. I'm please to say this was one of them. It had three levels to it.

We rode through the top level, some more successful than others. Tony the mechanic took a tumble and ended up in the water with Leng around to finish him off.

After we went down to the middle level of the waterfall we got out of our bike gear and headed for the water to cool of after a days riding.

We left the waterfall and headed to the local run way and yes this is the runway. The guys decided to have a drag race, I saved the probable embarrassment of running at the back by taking some photos.

There was a view point about 2 km down the road to we headed there for the sunset.

It was then time to head to the hotel in Sen Monorom, we had some dinner in a local restaurant and went back to the hotel we we sat around a fire and had a few beers.

We covered 240km in around 9 hours including the stops.

All of the photos I took from Day 2 can be found here.

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