Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cambodia - Day 4 - Rest Day In Banlung

Day 4

Waking up at Terres Rouges in Banlung we had a very welcomed rest day ahead. I spent the morning writing a blog post just chilling out while others went for a walk or simply chilled by the pool. In the afternoon we had been told about Yeak Loam Lake, a volcanic lake that we could take a ride to for a swim so we headed out about 2pm.

(Notice the Foreigner price at the bottom which seems to be common in Asia, there is 4000 Riel to 1 US$.)

The guys grabbed the esky (cool box) from the back of the truck and we walked down to the lake.

It took a whole minute before Phil was in there quickly followed by others (myself included). Brendan as ever had his snorkel with him to go exploring.

Next to the jetty on the lake was this stupidly tall tree. Someone had noticed that there was bamboo nailed to the side of the tree to fashion a ladder of some description and to say it didn't look very safe was an understatement.

There's a old saying that goes "Give a man a beer and he'll make empty threats about jumping out of a tree. Give two Cambodian boys $10 and they'll actually do it."

Here they were our new heroes. 

A rat up a drain pipe comes to mind but these boys would have left any rat behind in a race. They were up the top of the tree within seconds and the next thing you know they are walking along the branches to reach a "safe" spot to jump from.

Here is a video of the jumps, kindly filmed by Scouse.

After the excitement of the boys jumping from the tree we sat about for a bit taking in the view.

Heading back to the hotel we stopped by the lake just outside the hotel.

After seeing Tony sitting in the squat position, Robert Daniel Fernandez Jr decided to attempt it, he looked comfortable for a whole three seconds.

We covered about 5km in about 16 hours ;)

All the photos I took from the day can be found here.

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  1. Don't know whether to be appalled at the antics of the climbing lads, or impressed! Great photos!