Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cambodia - Day 7 - Sra Aem

Day 7

(This will be a short one)

After the previous days endurance event some of us decided to take the easier option and ride the road while 3 of the guys took the off road route. We had an hour or so in the morning or taking in the sites at the Koh Kehr temple complex.

Chea was an excellent tour guide proving us with information as we went around. The temple took over 20 years to build and was somewhere round 9,000 years old.

There was a bee's nest on the celling of one of the buildings which was quite a fright for Phil as he is allergic to stings and carries an Epi Pen with him incase of emergencies. We had previously agreed that I would be the one to use this on him should anything happen and became a running joke of me trying to use this at any available opportunity. I did promise to switch my GoPro on as it would have made excellent footage but fortunately (unfortunately) we never needed to.

We made some friends along the way and got some pictures with some local monks.

It was quite refreshing to see a role reversal with one of the monks asking for our picture and permission to post it on his Facebook page.

After we had taken the road and stopped for lunch we headed to Prasat Preah Vihear and the temples. 

In the distance is Thailand and during a recent conflict mortars we're fired at the temple complex. This boarder is still closed and there are observation points in the temple grounds.

We travelled 178km in 9 hours and spent the night in Sra Aem.

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  1. Great post Neil and some of my favourite pics - what an amazing place!