Friday, February 20, 2015

Cambodia - Day 9 - Siem Reap

Day 9 The Final Day

We woke up at the home stay (some had been awake for hours already) and went for breakfast. After breakfast we headed back to Preah Khan to take some group photos in the morning light (it's a lot nicer than flat daylight).

We then left the temple and headed on our route. We stopped at a 1000 year old bridge that Chea and Leng had been keen to show us.

Continuing our ride some of the guys decided to have a play about on a jump so I grabbed my camera and took some photos for them. I just wish someone could have taken pictures of me and my superman extensions ;)

Chea lost a dollar to Leng that day by dropping his bike. This was Leng's standard fine for a crash or drop or just looking at him the wrong way ;)

We came across some buffalo and I was keen to stop and grab a couple of pictures as I had missed out on the opportunity on other days where I had not brought my camera. Even better than the Buffalo were the local fishermen. Wading in a lake and casting big nets out across the  water to catch the fish when they spotted them moving.

We stopped for lunch and discussed Leng's "sting in the tale" on previous trips this section of the trip was very deep with water. I'm slightly relieved to say that it was pretty dry and although there was still water we managed to keep all the bikes going and didn't loose any at the bottom which had happened on previous trips.

The next highlight was a wonky bridge which some road over while others took a river crossing.

1$ fine for Andy.

1$ fine for Dave.

At the end of the afternoons riding we came into Siem Reap and to our hotel where Phil was waiting for us with open arms. Actually thats a complete lie he was sitting by the pool with a beer but he did bother to come out and congratulate everyone for completing the ride.

The final day consisted of 120km in 6 hours.


  1. Great pictures of a Fab trip . I have been there 7 times and it is changing fast . First trip in 2009 there were few roads , that road to Mondikiri on day 2 was not there ! Just graded up and down roads , the next yeat the road + bridges had been built ..Same on Day 3 road to Banglung did not exist !! Now there is that bridge . The Cardomens are worth a go , very demanding and way out of the comfort zone . Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Rob, it was a great trip! Yes it's definitely changing. The last time I was in Cambodia was 2008 and can notice a big change, especially in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

  2. wow amazing, especially the photos that well displays the adventure in depth. Keep it up

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